Gigs: München April 21st & Schwabmünchen 22nd

We’re bringing our show to Kyeso, Munich and U-Turn (Schwabmünchen) to support High Transition from Austria. See our Live page for details and, most importantly, do step by!

Gigs: Bremen July 19th & Schwerin October 14th

No shortage of shows this year. These just in:

July 19th: Meisenfrei Bremen with Blue Sky Theory

October 14th: AuSNahme-Fest at Dr. K/Schwerin with Dreiviertel Noin and a couple of other great bands


Gig: Get Blankit 2017 – February 10th 2017

We’re happy to announce we’ll be competing for a slot at Blankit Openair.
The When?: February 10th 2017, 20:00
The Where?: Butze Mahlow

Gig: Rock at Sage – February 9th 2017

Yo’ Mama back at almighty Sage Club on February 9th, this time around it’ll be alongside Mayburn from Austria!
Want your name on the guest list? Shoot us a message!

Gig: Insane Band Battle Schwerin – Jan. 14th 2017

The nice chaps from Insane Studios and Noise and More Schwerin are hosting a contest on January 14th at Dr. K in Schwerin. We’re stoked they chose us to play alongside and compete with Blue Sky Theory, Der Dunkle Kloth, Holidays in Hell and Unperfäkt. Thanks for inviting us, we are very much looking forward to meeting all of you!

Rock Band Battle Schwerin


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