The Band

Have you heard the one about a Bulgarian, a Turk, a Greek and a Bavarian that meet in Berlin…? Well, it’s not a joke! Far away from home, united by their passion for rock music, a Greek, a Turk, a Bulgarian and a Bavarian got together out of different bands in Berlin and founded the rock band Mother of Exile in march 2015. Since then, they’ve constantly been on the lookout for the next gig. Their sound has at least one eye and ear, or maybe even two, set on American rock bands like Velvet Revolver, Stone Sour and Alter Bridge.

Rock Band - Hansi, vocals Rock Band - Zezo, Lead GuitarRock Band - E.J. Ntatsios, Bass, VocalsRock Band - Alp, Drums

Call it perfect timing: just when rock music is pronounced dead even by its own figureheads like Gene Simmons, along comes Mother of Exile, a new rock band that combines a one-of-a-kind drive, anger, agressive sounds and original talent and distills them into hard rocking, guitar dominated music. The songs build up tension, pressure and are full of rock’n’roll. The sixteen year old headbanger, the music connaisseur, the middle aged housewife: it’s music that gets them all. While the sound is loud, proud and smashing, the band also has a thing for more complex arrangements than your average group. This great eye and love for detail result in songs that get stuck in the head so much easier. Mother of Exile’s songs are loud but emotional, fast but deep, they don’t only just scratch the surface: no frills, no overproduction, no rockstar-like poses. This is a serious, genuinely down-to-earth rock band that stands out as much because of the songs and sound as well as perfoming on stage.

Tours, gigs, festivals – a rock band sets sail

Shortly after coming together as a group in march 2015, the band set sail for their first tour, which also led them to their respective home countries. Starting in april 2015, Mother of Exile’s “Away from Home” tour included dates in Germany, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. Between may and july, the band played various German clubs and festivals. 25 concerts in 4 months leave no doubt: the four band members are in it with heart and soul.

From here on out, the course is set for GIGS! GIGS! GIGS! Clear and simple. No matter how small the stage or how crowded the venue is, Mother of Exile always give it all they’ve got. And they make the audience feel it, too. Every foot is dancing, arms are up in the air, the pure, raw energy of the music and the band engulf everything and make the audience sweat. The musicians interact ecstatically and carry the spectators off into the rush. Because only in this rush, only on the road and on stage, Mother of Exile feel at home.

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